The TEXAS HOLDINGS, INC BUSINESS MART is established as a facility to provide businesses opportunities to use time-proven commercial techniques to accomplish income and funding objectives.


In doing so, the BUSINESS MART is focused exclusively on commerce, using financial procedures only through the services of legally licensed professionals.


All parties doing business with TEXAS HOLDINGS, INC must accept and adhere to the following, which is implicitly part of every transaction with TEXAS HOLDINGS, INC unless explicitly contracted to be otherwise:


* * * In derogation of applicable provisions of international treaties or domestic laws, all parties hereto hereby severally solemnly state that they have irrevocably accepted (i) that the laws of the State of Texas, United States of America, apply exclusively, having absolute precedence over any other law of any other jurisdiction, and (ii) to elect as exclusive jurisdiction and venue, which hold respectively absolute precedence over any other jurisdiction and venue whatsoever, as per the rules and regulations thereof, the Courts of Galveston County, Texas, United States of America.* * *

Fides GestiĆ³n Financiera, S.A. de C.V. SOFOM, E.N.R.

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